Blue Lotus Feet is an Improvisational
Chant group based in Durango, Colorado.

There is love in the world.

Blue Lotus Feet aim to hold a
magnifying glass over that love.

Photos by Bob Spencer

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Next Kirtan Dates:

Saturday, January 17, 2015 from 7-9 p.m. at Inhabit in Durango, Colorado

Saturday, February 21, 2015 from 7-9 p.m. at Inhabit in Durango, Colorado

All of the 2015 Kirtan dates are set for the 3rd Saturday of every month at Inhabit

Inhabit is located next to the Durango Public Library at 1970 E 3rd Avenue immediately to the the North of the Library. Enter through the main west doors and follow the hallway to the left.

Experience Blue Lotus Feet!

At times laid back and contemplative, at times more forward and driving, Blue Lotus Feet approaches Kirtan (Devotional Chanting) with a sensitivity and love that comes from strong connection. Connection with one another, as musicians; connection with the music, as channels; connection with everyone they meet, as human beings.

Setting aside religion, nationality, politics, and labels of all flavors, Blue Lotus Feet strives to stop striving and rest in the music. To let the fountain of musical inspiration rise (or fall, depending on how we look at it) through them while inviting the ego to step aside for awhile.

If participants are able to get in touch with a tiny piece of their own inner truth, then Blue Lotus Feet smile.

What's Happening with Blue Lotus Feet?

Blue Lotus Feet releases their first CD!

Click on the Paypal button to order our CD - $20.00

Checkout some clips of our music from our new cd:
Peace Mantra
Shanti Mangalam
Ek Ong Kar
Path of the Ancient Ones

Other song clips below:

Kali Ma

Kali Ma 2
Om Mane Padme Hum
Shiva Shambo

Share Your Experience:

"An evening at Kirtan with Blue Lotus Feet is a blessing to behold. Their sweet and sacred intent is captured uniquely in every chant that is offered, connecting
me back to source instantaneously. The pure love of
Kirtan pours out of each one, making the collective
an experience that will linger for days.
You will love it!"
Kathleen North

"In gratitude for an amazing wonderful...thank you to all of was perfect...such lovely voices and music...I was totally fed! Blessings to all...xox"
Patricia O'Kane Ey

"It was all Divine and I wouldn't change a thing."
Wade Hanson

"I loved it...and will come as often as I can. The
setting with the candles and ambiance of the space caught my breath as I came in. Volume perfect.
Thank you for a lovely evening"
Cheryl Foley

"The best damned 2 hours of the month ...."
L.J. -- Durango

"Having been playing harmonium privately for 20 years, playing kirtan for about 10 years, lived in an ashram for many years, and four stints in India, I've seen and heard quite a number of kirtan groups. And I can honestly say that Blue Lotus Feet are wonderful. Their deep Bhakti vibes and their genuine spirit of service through offering kirtans is inspiring. I'd say they definitely play some of the most beautiful chants I've ever heard!
Highly recommended!"

RamDev Van Atta

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